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Captive Elephants Across the Country are Starving During Lockdown

The pandemic has thrown light on a haphazardly organized, commercialized system of privately managed captive elephants. Most are used for “blessings” in religious institutions or for tourist rides; when neither can function, the elephants starve.

How COVID-19 Has Busted the Myth of ‘Neo-Liberal Economy’

This crisis has shown us the major loopholes in the neo-liberal system. The private sector, despite its greater efficiency and better resources, has been unwilling to step up to the task. The government cannot wash its hands off of its responsibility to look after its citizens and must take steps to revamp the public healthcare system.

Coronavirus: A Day of Lockdown Inside a Shelter Home

The population of daily wage workers is worst hit by the national lockdown. Neither they have jobs nor a roof over their heads. Out of desperation, hundreds of them walked to their hometowns. Some people were stopped by the police and sent to relief camps. We witnessed a day unfolding the situation at one such camp.

Our Priority: Islamophobia Over Coronavirus

It would not be an understatement to say the Indian media has been extremely biased and unethical in its reporting of the pandemic. When it is time to grill the government about its policies and preparations, the media and the upper-middle-class chose to engage in PR stunts and clapping from balconies. Meanwhile, the amount of troubling news that went underreported is enormous. It was only a matter of time till a befitting scapegoat was found to pin the blame of the outbreak instead of the government taking apt responsibility for the same.

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