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Why Does ‘PM-Cares’ When There is Already PMNRF?

What was the need for ‘PM-CARES’ fund, when there is the already established Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund, which has the same objective of dealing with Natural Calamities?

How Does Delhi Vote? Key Takeaway from Delhi State Elections

To merely call Delhi’s election campaign, ‘freebie politics’ is naïve. It is extremely important to layer-out the win, to understand why Delhi voted for Kejriwal in such dominance and whether this was dominance or just a product of intelligent booth management?

The Politics of Denialism

Indian newspapers screaming out reports of lynchings and abuse with evidence are quietly ignored, whereas western reports are compulsory to be addressed. The confluence of right wing arguments fake news , indifference and colonial hangover makes the public a little more un-empathetic each day. Perhaps it is underestimated how troublesome denialism can play out to be in the long run.

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A 26 Year Old on Fast-Unto-Death to Save Ganga

26-year-old Brahmachari Atmabodhana is on fast-unto-death. On the 118th day of continuous fast, he refuses to call off his agitation until the central government meets the demands to save the river, its ecology and the conservation of Himalayas.

Wickramasinghe vs Sirisena in the Island Nation

What’s Cooking in Sri Lanka?

The ongoing political crisis in the neighbouring nation since fortnight has been creating a havoc in the international relations among the South East Nations and we shed light upon its importance to India.

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