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India is not Open Defecation Free. Are We going to blindly ignore PM Modi’s lie again?

In the hilly terrain of Bhakar region, which has settlement of tribal population of Bhil, Garasia and Rabari, you can hardly find any toilet constructed till now. Few in the village will have constructed them. Fewer use them for the purpose of defecation- with no cistern, no electricity, no space and claustrophobic small space- it does not make an attractive area specially for people who in their entire lives have done it in the open. Many toilets or ‘izzat ghar’ as they are called, have actually become store houses of the house.


Surge of fascism; Death to democracy

The article explores how Fascism is slowly taking over the idea of democracy, the idea of free speech and the idea of freedom holistically.


NRC: Boon for none Bane for all

After the imposition of NRC on Assam, heart wrenching stories have surfaced which has robbed the identity of Indians in Assam and a large population in an attempt to prove their Indian heritage keep facing the brunt. This article sheds light on the aspects that the government doesn’t want you to know about NRC.

Wickramasinghe vs Sirisena in the Island Nation

What’s Cooking in Sri Lanka?

The ongoing political crisis in the neighbouring nation since fortnight has been creating a havoc in the international relations among the South East Nations and we shed light upon its importance to India.

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