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Why Does ‘PM-Cares’ When There is Already PMNRF?

What was the need for ‘PM-CARES’ fund, when there is the already established Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund, which has the same objective of dealing with Natural Calamities?

Budget 2019: Promising For Few, Challenging For Others

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Friday announced that people who do not have PAN (permanent account number) will soon be able to file their ITR (income tax return) just by quoting their Aadhaar number. PAN has so far been mandatory for filing an ITR. Sitharaman, while presenting the Budget for the current financial year, also said those who do not have PAN can simply quote their Aadhaar number wherever PAN is mandatory to quote.


In circumstances like this whereby charges of sexual harassment and intimidation have been alleged against a person in the highest judicial office, it is imperative for the confidence of people in the judiciary that the person himself does not handle the case.


Post Pulwama attack, a lot has happened in the region of Kashmir. With the media organizations from both the sides claiming to be saviors of Kashmiris, We talked to some students who are actually bearing the brunt of a ‘War’ in Kashmir.

Warmongering Indian Media Attains a New Low, Again!

With so much of hypernationalism, the news channels of India have attained the lowest point in the profession. People had lost hope from the ‘Prime-time’ shows a long ago, but at times when the nation is having a tough time these organizations need to be careful with their coverage.

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