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Surge of fascism; Death to democracy

The article explores how Fascism is slowly taking over the idea of democracy, the idea of free speech and the idea of freedom holistically.


Bhima Koregaon To ‘War And Peace’: Why The Activists Are Still Under Arrest?

Versions of History, Intercaste Conflict, Violence in Dalit Procession and Modi’s Nuclear Physicist Bhide Guruji. We Lookback ‘event-by-event’ on how dominant Hindutva groups influenced local riots and the BJP led governments used that in one of the biggest conspiracy-based crackdown of intellectuals and activists under Unlawful Prevention Act in the name of ‘Urban Naxal’. 


Who Lynched Pehlu Khan?

An Alwar court on Wednesday acquitted all six accused in the lynching of Pehlu Khan, killed two years ago by a mob that set upon him while he was transporting cows.


This Lynching, That Thrashing: The Violent Politics of India

Political violence recently has occupied a major room all over India in the relations of the officials, irrespective of the party they belong to. The Politicians are so blindfolded with their position that they are brazenly attacking the officials on duty.


The Politics of Denialism

Indian newspapers screaming out reports of lynchings and abuse with evidence are quietly ignored, whereas western reports are compulsory to be addressed. The confluence of right wing arguments fake news , indifference and colonial hangover makes the public a little more un-empathetic each day. Perhaps it is underestimated how troublesome denialism can play out to be in the long run.


Resistance against saffronisation takes a new turn

What can be the result of Saffronisation in India? A furor has started on social media and among the people of Tamil Nadu against the BJP government and its imposition on the rest of India after the Centre proposed a draft of National Education Policy that consisted of three-language rule wherein Hindi should be made mandatory in all schools across India. This however lead to a revised draft recommended by the ministry which removed the specification of any language. How will this change bring about a transformation in the developed disappointment of the people of south India?

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