How to be an influencer, a dummy’s guide by Modi

Narendra Modi calls Achche Dinn finally

Folks and friends, it’s time for a non-political conversation, article and news for all of us. We understand that everyone has had enough of news gravitating around elections and knowing how the parties are performing in rallies and also there’s been news revolving around the banned PM’s (Narendara Modi) biopic during elections. But not anymore because Modi’s Achche Dinn have finally arrived. Yes, it’s true. Imagine a scenario where you set the question papers and you top, and nobody knows. That’s what happened in the horde of Apolitical Interview…

Set up an A-Political Interview

We’re anyway not gaining from elections. Let’s start having ‘informal chats’ about how mango is best eaten, or how should we treat ourselves when we get cold. Or maybe let’s name it an informal talk and in the procedure, talk about our agendas and political stands.

Because, this is what our PM is doing, conducting ‘Apolitical’ interviews with another actor of his kind, Akshay Kumar, meanwhile showing support to particular communities and telling all about his political backings through the same interview. Just after his biopic got banned by the Election Commission, Modi came up with a banging Bollywood interview on screen, to compensate his loss.

Do a Tete-a-Tete with the most loved Kumar

Of the thousand news channels and journalists around the country, Prime Minister Modi chose Akshay Kumar to interview him? Is this the onset of a strategic move before the result of Lok Sabha Elections 2019.

Kumar asked him questions of lesser political interest and the interview always revolved around Modiji’s persona and charisma.

The questions ranged from, Modiji’s anger management to the kind of watch he wears. I really think that at this stage Kumar could have done better by asking questions that are really pressing at the moment. There is an extent of Apolitical-ness. I don’t think I would ever want to know whether the PM of my country eats a mango after peeling it or not, I would never want to know his sleep schedule. The thought looms large if Akshay Kumar finds PM Modi so less worthy to notice anything else in him.

Sympathize with the Kisaan, no matter what

Modi very smoothly talks about the farmers of the country being generous, while telling his mango achievement story. Does he want to flatter the farmer community by talking honey about them? Unfortunately, he ignored all the farmer suicides in the country while his tenure of handling the Government. He ignored how he promised amounts, lands and employment opportunities to the Indian farmers and ended up with them ending their lives eventually. He says, “Humare desh ka kisan bada udaar rehta hai, koi khet me aakar khaata hai toh rokta nahi hai, chori karta hai toh rokta hai.” (The farmer of our country is very generous, if you go to the fields and eat, he won’t stop you. He’ll stop you only if you steal.) I wish he’d tried visiting and talking to the selfless people he is talking about here, and catered to their needs.

Give the audience a sneak peak into your life, by talking Mangoes maybe

Throughout the interview, Modi insists on notifying his struggle in life; how he couldn’t afford mangoes; how he didn’t have money to travel much. In another sequence, he boasts about how he offers help to his colleagues and never maintains a class difference within his staff members. How much more can a person rant about his managing abilities when he is doubted upon his skills of managing a country? There also have been various instances where media, especially social media has been criticized for influencing the public and putting a filter on the ‘humor’ some people want to make but cannot. I wonder what have both of them done through some parts of this interview, if not influencing the citizens about his strategies and policies.

Self Proclamation helps, wonder how Chaiwala became a Chowkidar this election

Another sequence when he says “Pata nahi ye desh mujhse itna pyaar kyu karta hai” (I don’t understand why does this country love me so much), he confirms and re-affirms that he has his bunch of citizens with him and tries to acknowledge that bunch.  Both the people involved have proved to be best friends forever for each other by promoting each other’s career. Modi talks about how socially helpful Akshay’s movies, like Padman, and Toilet:Ek Prem Katha, are while Akshay promoting the causes established by the PM, including the Swaccha Bharat Abhiyan. Though the film star sidestep-ed few questions he shouldn’t have.

Light Hearted Jabs have never hurt anyone

What could be more political than mocking other political parties in the garb of a ‘light-hearted’ interview. He very swiftly sailed through the situations and took a banter at Samajwadi party. He also became the epitome of truth and exposed how all the other party leaders lie so as to sugar coat and impress their staff whereas he has a tendency to be straightforward on face.

In a conversation about his friendship with the opposition, he reveals Mamata Didi sending him kurtas every year, hand selected by herself. The information is yet to be cross-checked though.

However, there is much to learn from our Prime Minister that how to use new age media to reach your campaign to the public, leaving away social media and movies behind. Vote for Modi, if you still think you should.


Here is the interview for you to take a look at

Harshita Malik
Harshita Malik

Trained in journalism, fights for gender and human rights issues. Open to talks and criticism. Believes in individual wishes and opinions. A mediocre reader of non-fiction.

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