Sanjay Singh Karki
Sanjay Singh Karki

Reporter and video producer at Qweed. Occasional runner, aspiring to be Ultra Marathon athlete. Always up for conversation provided there is a free CHAI.

World Environment Day

Road to Sustainability: Lesson from a Ghost-Village in the Himalayas.

On this #WorldEnvironmentDay we report from the hills of Pithoragarh. A sustainable water harvesting system of ‘Naulas’ which is a lesson for the policy makers in the Himalayas. The rampant construction of Char Dham Highway is causing destruction to the ecosystem and rivers of the fragile Himalayas.


‘Shaheed Divas’: Bhagat Singh is Our Motivational Porn

Bhagat Singh and his images are so much around us but it has become very rare of us to talk about his ideas. ‘Motivational Porn’ is the relentless posting and publishing of motivational quotes and videos.


Jacinda Ardern: What is there to learn for India?

The Unfortunate event at Christchurch, New Zealand which was the worst massacre in the history of the Island nation saw 50 people shot and killed and many injured when a white-supremacist attacked two mosques in the city. The Prime Minister of the country, Jacinda Ardern should be seen as an inspiration and a lesson for other strongmen around the Globe.

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