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India is not Open Defecation Free. Are We going to blindly ignore PM Modi’s lie again?

In the hilly terrain of Bhakar region, which has settlement of tribal population of Bhil, Garasia and Rabari, you can hardly find any toilet constructed till now. Few in the village will have constructed them. Fewer use them for the purpose of defecation- with no cistern, no electricity, no space and claustrophobic small space- it does not make an attractive area specially for people who in their entire lives have done it in the open. Many toilets or ‘izzat ghar’ as they are called, have actually become store houses of the house.


Bhima Koregaon To ‘War And Peace’: Why The Activists Are Still Under Arrest?

Versions of History, Intercaste Conflict, Violence in Dalit Procession and Modi’s Nuclear Physicist Bhide Guruji. We Lookback ‘event-by-event’ on how dominant Hindutva groups influenced local riots and the BJP led governments used that in one of the biggest conspiracy-based crackdown of intellectuals and activists under Unlawful Prevention Act in the name of ‘Urban Naxal’. 

Iran war US

India’s take on US sanctions on Iran

With USA’s fallout in the Iran nuclear deal there have been several disturbances around the world and we have a history of navigating trciky diplomatic ground, so it’s certain that India will survive the tensions.


What Sparked the Hong Kong Protests?

We explain the reason behind the recent mass protests in the semi-autonomous region o Hong Kong and how its conflict is getting more intense with China.

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