Pranjal Asha
Pranjal Asha

Pranjal loves to photograph & likes to believe she is in the 80s. Her special qualities include praising A.R. Rahman & Amol Palekar 24x7.

Chopsticks – A Tale of a Missing Storyline

Chopsticks is a film, I was waiting for from the moment its trailer was out. The reasons were the starry cast and what seemed like an interesting story. But was it worth the wait?


W.T.F: ‘Whaat’ the Film

We discuss the three, indie films recently released Music Teacher, Fireflies, and Teen Aur Aadha on the streaming platform, ‘Netflix’.


Made In Heaven; A Story Weaved in ‘Reality’

Made In Heaven is multilayered, full of themes which are very real on ground and political. While it’s extremely subjective to decide which are the main themes and which are the sub-themes in the series. This show revolves around the politics of privilege.


Women and Women of ‘Bollywood’

On International women’s day, we look at some of our most recognized female characters in the Hindi Film Industry and how they are portrayed in our very much celebrated Cinema.

Jashn-e-Rekhta celebrates Urdu in art, literature and cinema

Urdu’s Ishq with Hindi Cinema

Urdu and Hindi Cinema share a symbiotic relationship. Both of them are incomplete without each other. Festivals like ‘Jashn-e-Rekhta’, helps in keeping the culture alive.


Don’t open the link if you’re looking for #DeepVeer’s exclusive photographs

The Dream Synopsis by The Last Shadow Puppets has a phrase – ‘Inseparable Opposing Images’. The phrase is used in the song in a very different context but fits well in the case of Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh’s approach towards their performances together. Both Singh and Padukone have a completely opposite style of acting and choice in films.

Why we should listen to Rakhi Sawant on #MeToo

#MeToo-The problem with Bollywood is the normalization of a severe criminal behavior, whether it is off screen or on screen. For years, Bollywood has objectified women and still goes on to do so. Women are considered to play a secondary role in the entertainment industry.

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