Niharika Dabral
Niharika Dabral

Niharika Dabral is an aspiring journalist.

Brownfaced: Ariana Grande’s Vogue cover and Hrithik Roshan’s Super 30

Earlier this month we saw the release of Hrithik Roshan’s Super 30 and Ariana Grande’s Vogue cover shot by famous photographer Annie Leibovitz. These two pieces of pop culture produced in two different continents had one thing in common: the glaring use of the brown face.


Sabyasachi : Vanity and Fauxpology

His apology says, “We, as a society, often get extremely judgemental about peoples’ clothing choices, calling them ‘overdressed’ or ‘tacky’ or ‘inappropriate’.  His original statement that uses words like “caked with makeup” and “overdressed”. The “cakey makeup”, “overdressed”, and “tacky” are adjectives that are used for people and things that are less expensive and doesn’t belong to a particular ‘class’.


Political Exhaustion is Tempting but Unaffordable

Just like there is fresh and fruity, crisp and crunchy, there is a complimentary word that comes with woke: woke and resentful. There is no way in the world where one can keep up the news, be aware of the social-political situation of this nation, see the shameful news “debates”, and not feel like giving up on this nation or world affairs in general. 


Bharat Mata Ki Jai, But I Wanted Pakistan to Win

We have Harmanpreet Kaur, PV Sindhu, Mary Kom, ISRO, and ten other things to be proud of. Pakistan, a country that is steeped in bigotry and homegrown terrorism, doesn’t have many reasons to celebrate (perhaps except Coke Studio).


Ayushman Khurrana’s Article 15 Better not Fail Dr Payal Tadvi

We take a quick look at intersections of caste, cinema, and media and wonder if Article 15 will finally give us a mainstream Bollywood film on caste based atrocities or will it be stuck within Brahmin savior’s complex and appropriation.

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