Madhura Naniwadekar
Madhura Naniwadekar

Madhura is currently pursuing her M.Phil in International Organization from the School of International Studies, JNU. When she is not crying over her coursework, she can be found watching sitcoms or obscure historical documentaries and boring those around her with frequent rants about the current state of affairs in the world.

How COVID-19 Has Busted the Myth of ‘Neo-Liberal Economy’

This crisis has shown us the major loopholes in the neo-liberal system. The private sector, despite its greater efficiency and better resources, has been unwilling to step up to the task. The government cannot wash its hands off of its responsibility to look after its citizens and must take steps to revamp the public healthcare system.


Cuba in the Time of COVID-19: How the Small Island State is Setting Example in the Face of Pandemic

Not only has Cuba shown that it is possible to deal with a crisis despite not having a very strong economy, but it has also earned praise and goodwill by sending its own people at the forefront of the crisis. Its healthcare system, though facing problems over the past few years, nevertheless has created a strong foundation of primary healthcare in a country where most people are poor.


Dutiful Son to Hindu Nationalism: The Many Faces of Rama

Rama was no longer the same dutiful, selfless and valiant prince in exile; he was now the embodiment of masculinity with his bow and arrows and his righteous anger. It is not difficult to understand that the remolding of such a popular icon was meant to instill similar values in the minds of the ‘mild’ and ‘meek’ Hindus, especially the men.

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