Harshita Malik
Harshita Malik

Trained in journalism, fights for gender and human rights issues. Open to talks and criticism. Believes in individual wishes and opinions. A mediocre reader of non-fiction.

Sheila Dikshit: End Of An Era Of Politics

Three-time Delhi chief minister and Congress stalwart Sheila Dikshit, who gave the national capital its modern look, passed away Saturday afternoon at a private hospital after suffering cardiac arrest. She was 81.


Mumbai Building Collapse: Reality Check For Civic Bodies In Maharashtra

Mumbai’s four-storeyed Kesarbhai building in the city’s Dongri area should be an alarm ring for civic bodies in the state of Maharashtra. More than 242 people were killed and 818 were injured in over 2900 incidents of building collapse in Mumbai between 2013 and 2018.


Dear Centre, Homebuyers Also Need Your Attention

The Supreme Court on Tuesday asked the Centre to come out with a “uniform” proposal for all cases to resolve the difficulties being faced by lakhs of homebuyers who have not yet got possession of flats despite paying huge amounts of money to real estate builders. Hearing a homebuyers matter related to Jaypee Infratech Ltd, the Apex-court said the issue concerns lakhs of flat buyers and the Centre should give a proposal to resolve it.


Budget 2019: Promising For Few, Challenging For Others

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Friday announced that people who do not have PAN (permanent account number) will soon be able to file their ITR (income tax return) just by quoting their Aadhaar number. PAN has so far been mandatory for filing an ITR. Sitharaman, while presenting the Budget for the current financial year, also said those who do not have PAN can simply quote their Aadhaar number wherever PAN is mandatory to quote.


This Lynching, That Thrashing: The Violent Politics of India

Political violence recently has occupied a major room all over India in the relations of the officials, irrespective of the party they belong to. The Politicians are so blindfolded with their position that they are brazenly attacking the officials on duty.

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