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In his attempt to break the stereotype that “Mental Health Day” was only about people with mental disabilities, our photographer Sidharth Shankar decided to cover how the mental health of parents of children with special needs was impacted by the social stigma and constant anxieties associated with such issues. As World Mental Health Day beckons us to assess the impact of today’s world on our minds, take a look at the lives of these people whose very lifestyle includes caring for more than just themselves.

Each year more than 10 million new cases of intellectual disability are registered in India. I got in touch with parents having children with special needs and how a skepticism over their children’s future is daunting them having a lasting impact on their mental health.

Amidst the immaculate, planned pathways of one of the fastest growing city in Jharkhand, a group of people in Jamshedpur shared the mental trauma they go through every day of their life, having children of special needs. 

Sidharth Shankar
Sidharth Shankar

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