About Qweed

Qweed is a way of storytelling in a dying dialect of the Himalayas. We the rejuvenated Qweed, brings you the best of Non-Fiction content that really matters. We are a congregation of Journalists, Filmmakers, Analysts, Writers, and Visual artists. Being a news and current affairs portal, one thing we will never do is dumb down our audience. 

About Qweed


Shreshth Saha

Motto: Strategy is the soul. Shreshth handles the business development, marketing and the TEAM at Qweed. Art of MONEY making is his type of talk.


Sanjay Singh Karki

Reporter and video producer at Qweed. Occasional runner, aspiring to be Ultra Marathon athlete. Always up for conversation provided there is a free CHAI.


Ankit Sinha

Film Analyst at Qweed Media, film student and aspires to lead a life like the old Hindi film songs- languid yet vital, romantic yet wise!


Sidharth Shankar

Videos and Photos are all his part at Qweed. Photojournalist, obsessed over images. The DSLR guy you are most likely to ask for your profile picture.


Byas Dev

Film and Video editor at Qweed Media, film student, deeply driven into Fiction Filmmaking, Music lover (not the Rap type), Dancer, Loves Acting but not on camera (Theatre Actor). And yes loves sarcasm, so be prepared always.


Pranjal Asha

Pranjal loves to photograph & likes to believe she is in the 80s. Her special qualities include praising A.R. Rahman & Amol Palekar 24x7.


Shambhavi Dutta

Shambhavi is passionate about writing, listening to music and latest makeup and fashion fads. You’ll find her either sipping coffee or probably reading lifestyle blogs!


Tarun Mazumdar

Music Producer at Qweed. He is a bedroom musician who is slowly crawling out of his room to play music with other people. He is a bassist for the band Tathastu and makes ambient score for imaginary movies.


Kaustav Guha

A liberal, lifelong music enthusiast, practitioner, performer and Preacher (He rightly practices what he preaches). Music director and composer, legally, and a free flying falcon of a man! Most likely to have mind altering stash hidden in full public view.

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Aanchal Shalini Pundir

Manto, Faiz and Jaun Elia lover, who believes she is an old soul. Currently volunteering for NGO in Uttrakhand.


Praveer Singh

Illustrator at Qweed, passionte about paintings and a pop culture enthusiat , comicbook reader , prefer traditional medium over digital medium , believes in mixing feeling of painting into structure of illustration.


Hanan Irfan

A voracious reader, writer, literary critique, social activist, engineer, and a raging feminist. a political enthusiast and a feverish debater. ever likely to be found around a stack of books, free wi-fi and a power point. tries to paint and fails.


Chinmay Singh Bais

A filmgraduate [sic] who: went to films cough and film school, likes to explicate via artworks, loves cinema, comic books & graphic novels(Watchmen, anyone?


Yugal Pandey

Bibliophile, cinephile, and have an OCD to keep things in an organized file. That rhymed, so maybe you can call me a rookie poet. Anyway, I have been into writing for months now and an immensely creative time of it is spent being a writer at Qweed.

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