Abhay Episode 6 ‘Burn’ review

A still from Zee5 original series Abhay

ZEE5 web series Abhay until now has been a conjunction of STF officer Abhay’s (Kunal Khemu) personal life and his professional life that is spent pondering over heinous secret crimes occurring beneath the layers of society. We have sensed a sort of paranoia in the officer when it comes to his son’s security, and we have sensed that it may have to do with the gorgeous yet troubled colleague of his- Natasha(Elnaaz Norouzi). Episode 5 had shown us how Abhay’s and Natasha’s lives had coincided in a case Abhay had to solve along with her in Kolkata five years ago. And now, Abhay Episode 6 has clued us into another hint that helps us understand Abhay’s past- just from where does the threat around Abhay and his family’s life emerge? Was there a terrible accident that he could not prevent?  The revelation comes at the end of Abhay episode 6, and it is startling; I cannot spoil it for you before you have watched it yourself so I’ll keep this review around how the episode 6 works.

A still from Abhay, A Zee 5 series

Like Episode 5, Abhay Episode 6 also occurs in a flashback five years ago. Abhay returns from Kolkata to his home in Lucknow with a wounded arm and the secret of his relationship with Natasha. There’s a lovely shot that this introduction is attached to. Abhay is landed in front of his house in Lucknow in an auto-rickshaw, but we see him framed in a mirror and coming into focus abruptly- he might be present at his house but his mind is framed in thoughts of his own experiences back in Kolkata, and the abrupt focus mirrors how he must switch on into family mode instantly. This series can over-do some of the cinematography cliches at some points- psychopath killers are bathed in blood-like red lighting on more than one occasion to evoke tension- but it does maintain an elegant visual flow with pleasing touches like in this scene.

Abhay is chasing the serial killer that leaves a cigarette burn on his victim’s faces- the one we met in Episode 5 itself.

But the more important issue at hand in Abhay Episode 6 is that Natasha visits him at his home in Lucknow and now he must keep Natasha from revealing anything to his wife while also being worried about his family’s safety as Natasha’s passion looms towards obsession. Perhaps this is why the thread of the serial killer seems like it could have been dealt with with some better writing as his scenes involve one murder that seems forced in and the resolution also is quite simple, because the central matter in Episode 6 is Abhay’s personal life, and by the end, we’re left one step closer to solving that case as the officer moves on towards another himself. Onto the next episode then.


https://youtu.be/VyY5RFCu_hQ (teaser link of episode 6)


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